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Workshop on “Climate Change and its Impact on Human Health and Remedies”

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Workshop on “Climate Change and its Impact on Human Health and Remedies”

Bureau Report

Voice of Environment (VoE), an environmental organization working for the conservation, protection, and sustainable development of the environment, has conducted a workshop entitled “Climate Change and its Impact on Human Health and Remedies”.

 The workshop is part of its ongoing initiative on environmental education and awareness among students, youth, and the community. The workshop was conducted as guest speaker Dr. Nilanjana Ghosh, Assistant Professor, All India Institute of Medical Sciences (AIIMS), Guwahati, as a guest speaker; Dr. Sangita Agarwal, Department of Applied Science, RCC Institute of Information Technology, Canal South Road, Beliaghata, Kolkata, as moderator; Mcdonald Choudhury and other VoE team members. Dr. Sangita started the workshop session by introducing the speaker, panel member, participants, and other VoE members. After the introductory part, the guest speaker took over the session, i.e., Dr. Nilanjana Ghosh, who presented the impact of climate change on health and its remedies. She explained the global scenario of climate change and its health hazards. She also talked about climate change prevention by giving some examples of initiatives or moments seen earlier. Dr. Nilanjana has also emphasized research and development for prevention to protect our environment for the future generation.

After the session, people from different parts of the country, other countries, and various fields shared their thoughts on the topic of the session. Dr. Sanjula Chaturvedi, from Mansarovar Global University in Sehore, Madhya Pradesh, found the session informative. She is concerned about the health-related issues caused directly and indirectly by climate change.

She highlighted that health workers must know the importance of environmental problems and climatic conditions and worry about saving our planet for the next generation. Dr. Dipankar Saha, an EAC, MoEF & CC expert member and former Additional Director, Central Pollution Control Board, Delhi, appreciate the speaker’s overwhelming demonstration on climate change and upcoming diseases supported with adequate data and insights. He also admires the aspects and effects, issues of concern, people’s participation, and suitability of good health for the cause of our future generations. Dr. Saha also recognized the remedies explained in the session, like the control of waste generation, the management of water bodies,

and the prevention of land degradation and desertification, besides emphasizing the 3R in the right and rational use of materials. Abel Amon Mtweve, a young researcher from Tanzania, East Africa, spotlighted the impact of climate change,

like floods, increases in temperature, droughts, and the end of water resources. He is also concerned that we should take more initiatives like workshops, public talks, seminars through the media, sports activities, and village meetings, which will be the best forum for addressing climate change issues. Shouhum Aamir Sanyal, MSc Environmental Science from Barkatullah University, found the session more optimistic as he observed it focused more on future concerns and bent more towards sustainability. Anwesha Saha,

Sri Krishana Mission School, Tripura, found the session informative and helpful, and she thanked the organizers for organizing the event. Kuldeep Soni, a PhD scholar from Amity University in Gwalior, shared the issues in his locality regarding how people suffer from kidney stone disease due to water contamination. Sonal Singh, a PhD scholar from Amity University, Gwalior, viewed the global concern of health issues due to climate change. She also alluded to the role of human activity in climate change. Ajoy Karmakar, an M.Sc. Environmental Science students from Sidho Kanho Birsha University, West Bengal, found the session informative and interactive. Nabarup Ganguly, from Tripura University, thanks the team at VoE for such a workshop. He also found this session more helpful. The session ended with a vote of thanks.


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